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At ENTERTAIN US, we are focused on providing a fun and welcoming dance competition. 

Our goal is to accomplish everything we can to create an environment which supports our young aspiring dancers. Browse our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!


**Competition designed to cater to all the needs of DANCERS, TEACHERS, AND DANCE MOMS AND DADS!!


**No competition will begin before 8am

**Friendly and qualified staff

**Adjudications full of entertainment

**Many prizes, overalls and awards to be won

**Medals for All Dancers

**Free Photos/videos for all the dancers

**Live streaming

**Unique Choreography Award Packages 

**Guaranteed FULL REFUNDS for cancelled events

(Full refunds were provided for both 2020 &2021 cancelled seasons)

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Because your dancers deserve the best

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Wonderland location requires a purchased day pass for performers and spectators. Please contact us for the information package for this location.












Dusti Rose Cooney - Owner / Artistic Director

Dusti Rose is a mother of 2 beautiful children, Annabella and Cosmo. She has been teaching for 15years as an instructor in all styles of dance. And has 25+ years dancing experience. Dusti Rose has trained and completed exams in the following; R.A.D,  B.A.T.D, and I.S.T.D. As a student, she travelled all over Ontario as a competitive dancer. As a youth, Dusti Rose travelled to London, England to study dance with prestigious choreographers and instructors at Trinity LABAN Conservatoire of Music and Dance. An opportunity of a lifetime. Choreography is her passion and it has shown with her award winning choreography.  Dusti Rose is a huge believer of "thinking outside the box".

AS A DANCE MOM - I know that it's hard to do those 7am dances. Your dancers won't hit  the stage until 8am allowing all dancers and dance moms time to feel fresh and have a healthy breakfast!!

AS A DANCE COACH - I know the struggle of having to decide who gets that extra program in the directors goody bag and who has to buy one(THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!). All instructors will be provided with their own program, so you can keep track of entries, scoring, etc. easier.

STUDIO DIRECTOR - I have not had the honour of being a studio director, but I do know that keeping on schedule, room to move in the changeroom, and having a happy upbeat team are important. I guarantee all of this. . (And the director goody bags are pretty sweet too!)



24 Snug Harbour Rd.

Lindsay, ON


Tel: 1-705-879-6838

Interested in attending our dance competition?  Get in touch with us via email. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!


Are You Ready To...Entertain Us?

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